Covid-19 Update

The future of the business is uncertain at the moment due to coronavirus – we’re currently closed, and I’ve now come to a definite decision not to reopen our cabin till at least September. I’ll be having a further review in mid-August, and will update the website again then. We won’t be taking future bookings until we decide to reopen properly, but I’m keeping a ‘pencilled-in’ calendar – if you’d like to express an interest in particular dates, I can pencil you in, and get back to you when we do decide to reopen.

The reasons behind the current decision are essentially a combination of two factors:

  • Our ‘household’ includes 3 shielded members, one of whom is 95.
  • Lack of confidence that a normal changeover in the cabin, taking around 6 hours, can be at low risk to ourselves, and give guests reasonable certainty that surfaces in the cabin are free from coronavirus at the start of their stay.

Thanks to all our guests, past and prospective, for their love of the cabin and support for the business.